High Accuracy • Non-Contact Body Temperature Detection Solution

± 0.3℃

High Accuracy

> 100

100 People / Minute


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Advantage of Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection System

Thermometer Thermal Camera
Thermometer Advantage of Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection System
Large Workload: High Error and Easy to Miss Full Automatic: Repeat Scan ±0.3°C
Close Distance: Increases the Risk of Cross Infection Contactless: Reduces the Risk of Cross Infection
Slow Operation: Easy to Gather People Fast Response: 1 Second / Simultaneous Detection
Manual Record: Inefficient and Difficult to Search Event & Snapshot Record
Easy to Misjudge High Accuracy: Abnormal Temperature Warning
Thermometer adn thermal imaging body temperature detection compare

Infrared Thermography Body Temperature Screening Applications

For various types of entrances and public places with concentrated human flow, rapid body temperature screening is achieved through infrared thermal imaging.

Corporate / Organization

Corporate / Organization

Exhibition / Conference / Seminar

Exhibition / Conference

School / Public Exam

School / Public Exam

Hospital / Clinic

Hospital / Clinic

Shopping Mall / Shop

Shopping Mall / Shop

Hotel / Estate

Hotel / Estate

Public Area

Public Area



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It is urgent to fight the epidemic together. We provide field demonstrations for our customer to understand the most advanced body temperature detection solutions.

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Why we should taking people’s temperatures?

The famous British medical journal "The Lance" analyzed the first 99 patients in detail, and found that more than 80 people had Fever and Cough symptoms.

Comparison of body temperature detection solutions
Comparison of body temperature detection solutions

Introduction to Thermal Imaging Technology

All objects emit heat radiation at all times, which is invisible to the naked eye. What we see on the screen is the pseudo-color processing, which makes it easy to distinguish hot spots. Thermal radiation wavelength 8-14µm
Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology
Infrared Thermal Imaging-White fever

White fever

Infrared Thermal Imaging-Iron oxide red

Iron oxide red

Infrared Thermal Imaging-Ice fire

Ice fire

Thermal imaging body temperature detection lens of infrared detection system